My Work

Web Development

Garden Spritz: Responsive Website Preview

Garden Spritz: Responsive Website

The goal of this project was to take a website that I had developed for a group project and make it responsive, and mobile first in mind. It showcases my understanding of how to make that happen.

Daily Tarot Reading: Card Generator Preview

Daily Tarot Reading: Card Generator

This project was originally a random card generator for a classic deck of 52 cards. The revised version is a Tarot Reading that uses the same concept, but with the added functionality of user input and data.

Web Design

Tabetako Restaurant: App Prototype Preview

Tabetako Restaurant: App Prototype

The goal for this project is to produce a mobile prototype app by using Figma for my fictitious business called Tabetako which is a restaurant that specializes in a Japanese street food called Takoyaki using Figma.

Starry Charts: Stationery Design Preview

Starry Charts: Stationery Design

The objective of this project is to create a design to represent the brand identity for the imaginative company, Starry Charts, by use of a word mark as a logo, a colour theme, shapes, and imagery.

SVG of a black x and a white outline SVG of a white square with a black outline