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Starry Charts: Stationery Set

Web Design

Project Overview

The objective of this project is to show a cohesive design and brand identity for the imaginative company, Starry Charts by use of a wordmark as a logo, a colour palette, shapes, and imagery.


  • InDesign
  • Dimension
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustrator
Showcase of the stationery set design

Brainstorm & Mood board Creation

As the business offers comprehensive birth natal chart reports, I decided that the image of a compass would be perfect. Birth charts contain a map for the placements of planets, stars, nodes, etc. using both latitude and longitude. They use your birth time, birth date, and place of birth to calculate this. Which a compass visually makes sense. Later on, I would create a mood board using Canva to get a feel for the type of imagery, colours, textures, and even fonts that help inspired the designs.

Image of the mood board created for inspiration

Thumbnails & Roughs

I created the thumbnails by hand in my sketchbook. The plan was to create 12 thumbs for each stationery for a total of 36 thumbs. From there I chose my top 3 thumbs for each set and created the roughs with Illustrator. I used Illustrator instead of by-hand as it would make it easier to convert them into the compositions digitally. The whole design concepts I took most inspiration from were stars, constellations, the night sky, the phases of the moon, and the moon itself. I did run into some complications with creating a custom scatter brush for the varying stars as I adjusted them separately and would later convert them from black to a gold. I just had to readjust the final graphics afterwards so I could change the tint of the stars. After I was done with the roughs, I separated them into 3 different AI files for each stationery type. Afterwards I added images and colour to create the High-Fidelity wireframes and then added the functionality of navigating between the screens and the different states for buttons from clicking to hovering to produce the final prototype before conducting a user test.

Thumbnails hand-drawn in a sketchbook

Final Composition

I decided to use InDesign alongside Illustrator as that is what we did in a class assignment for Graphic Design in the first term. InDesign is also great for typography specifically and a laying thing out whereas I mainly used Illustrator to create the more complicated graphic assets like the wax seal for the wordmark and illustrative elements. I did have some issues with InDesign as I have not used this program in a while so getting used to the controls again took some time. Once I was using InDesign all that was left was to put it all together and create the written content where applicable to complete the final set.

The prototype on an iPhone 13 Pro Max model 3D model of the Starry Charts Candle set

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